Bedroom flowers, or the best plants for good night’s sleep

Posted on Dec. 7, 2020


Good night’s sleep is a MUST. Surrounded by information, technologies, anxieties through all 16 hours of being awake, a lot of us just can’t relax and fall asleep easily. Some even find themselves sitting with their phones in the dark, waiting for their brains to shut down.

Flowers won’t help with bad habits but they will improve your night’s sleep. 



Switch to your sleepy mood with fragrant jasmine plants. Research has shown that jasmine scent helps with anxieties and puts your mind at ease. It not only helps with your sleep quality but you will also feel yourself more focused the next day.  



Lavender scent makes you want to put your head on the pillow and to take a deep breath, to fall into a wonderful dream. Another plus point is that lavender repels mosquitoes which will improve your night’s rest as well.



Spathiphyllum is a natural air purifier. It removes harmful substances like benzene and ethyl chloride out of the air. Spathiphyllum is an ideal gift for people with allergies and it will help you breathe better during sleep. 


English Ivy

We already wrote about English Ivy being the best natural air purifier according to NASA. Common ivy purifies the air from molds and faeces and is suitable for people with allergies or asthma.



Gerbera is another plant that you should have in your bedroom. Firstly, gerbera is bright and colorful and will decorate every room it is in. Even more important is that it releases small amounts of oxygen throughout the night and absorbs CO2. Good night’s sleep, clean air and beautiful bedroom. What could be better?..



Sansevieria releases oxygen at night while you sleep and removes toxins out of the air. As a plus, it’s easy to care for and can thrive in just about any light condition.

Our main conclusion is that you should always keep plants in your bedroom. They will not only purify the air and smell good, plants will also cheer you up with their bright colors, and their greenery will calm you down.