Why do store bought plants die?

Posted on Jan. 4, 2021


All of us at least once had a store bought plant that died too fast. You bought it in a store and you were smart about it. Read everything about caring for it, about required light amounts and you never put it under direct sunlight or overwatered... yet it died. 


Usually when a plant ends up in a store, it is repotted in a smaller pot, its roots/bulbs are often wrapped in paper and store employees could’ve put your future plant in a pot without removing it. Paper envelopes roots and prevents them from getting nutritions and minerals from the soil, which stops plant growth. Thus, the plant “suffocates” and dies. 

If you saw something resembling a wrapper during the “root inspection”, remove it carefully and rinse the roots with warm water and then repot your plant. 

Examine the soil

If your plant starts to wither despite your thorough and proper caring, examine the soil around it. Besides paper wrapper, plants sometimes arrive at the store in small pots or plastic cups; unscrupulous employees will repot them without removing from the cups. The roots will still grow and eventually there won’t be enough space for them and your plant will dry up.

Carefully remove your plants from the pot and try not to damage its roots. To make it easier, put your plant in the water for 24 hours to soak. 

It’s important to choose the right pot that will fit your plant's root system. 

Gift wrapping

Don’t leave your plant in a gift wrapper. The plant doesn’t care about its appearance and how good and festive it looks. Any wrapper can “suffocate” your plant. If the bottom of it’s pot wrapped too, the water won’t come out properly from the drainage holes and your plant will rot.



Examine your future plant before buying it. Carefully examine the leaf’s axils and blades. Pests can not only slow down your plant’s growth and kill it, but also they can easily spread to all your flowers nearby.