10 best low light plants

Posted on Oct. 19, 2020


Not all of us are lucky to have south facing windows, professional lighting is expensive or just too much hassle, but you still need some greenery in your life. Enough worrying then, that’s when our list comes in handy. 


Maranta leuconeura, or prayer plant

There is no such thing as a “good side” for prayer plants. Dynemic Maranta leuconeura will show you it’s every side throughout the day and at night it will fold its leaves as if praying. 

Prayer plants prefer indirect sunlight, warm nights (15-21°C) and will inform you if there is not enough light - Maranta won’t open her leaves in the morning. 



Dieffenbachia fis perfect plant for places with little sunlight. Some species of Dieffenbachias won’t grow if there is not enough light. Also, the plant is toxic and you should place it far from children and pets. 



Are you looking for a plant that loves a little neglect? Splendid, you found it. Chlorophytum is easy to care, it prefers indirect sunlight and can thrive in a room with natural and fluorescent light. 


Dracaena trifasciata, or snake plant

Snake plant is a quite popular house plant and it’s almost impossible to kill. Dracaena trifasciata tolerates almost any light condition and is resilient to drought. 



The plants in the Bromeliad family can survive on fluorescent light alone and they prefer humid spaces. It’s best to put them in bathrooms. 


Aspidistra elatior

Another plant that thrives on neglect. Aspidistra prefers low or indirect light and is best kept out of direct sunlight. Aspidistra grows quite slowly, don’t overwater or re-pot this plant too often.


Epipremnum aureum

Zero care needed. Keep it out of direct sunlight and then even rare or excessive watering won’t kill it. 



Fittonia prefers bright lighting but it will survive low light conditions as well. 

If you love plants but are looking for something other than just plain green plants, Fittonia got you covered. Bright colours and unusual patterns included.  



Few months of neglect is a vacation for your zamioculcas. You’re returning from your holidays and it didn’t seem to notice your absence. Still green, fresh and healthy. Maybe he even felt better without you. 

Zamioculcas tolerates dry winter air and low light. 


English Ivy

The English Ivy can be placed in places with low and bright indirect sunlight. We often see it in open soil but the English Ivy will fit perfectly in your apartment: it looks quite stylish and purifies air. 

According to NASA, the English Ivy is the number one air-purifying plant.