Few important reasons to do gardening together with children

Posted on Oct. 11, 2017


     To love the beauty around, to have the right moral values ​​and norms of behavior we start from childhood. Wise parents want their children to be better than them, achieve success and goals, and believe that the younger generation will change the world for the better. Today there are a number of acute environmental problems, therefore the actual question of the correct formation of ecological culture and careful attitude towards the environment in children is emerging. To throw a plastic bottle away in the forest, to set fire to the grass or plant a tree - everyone's choice. But what kind of benefits to society and the future of the planet will bring this choice?


     By engaging children in gardening, parents help the child to connect with nature. It benefits all parties in the process of working. Scientists have proven that children who help parents in the garden have stronger physical and psychological health. Such kind of leisure makes the immune system stronger, frees up excess energy and controls the nerve impulses. When kids spend time outside, the part of the brain, which is responsible for concentration, is  having "reset".

дівчинка з татом

     Richard Louv shares  in his writings the thoughts that gardening is: "It’s about planting the plant and watching it grow, it's a turning-over of rock, it's about getting your hands muddy and your feet wet, it's about using more of your senses, it's about being in the world." Not every family has its own garden. However, we should look for an alternative, such as a forest or a park. We should be among the rich flora as much as possible. This lesson combines the benefits of staying in the open air with the skills of decision-making and the ability to bear responsibility. The study, which was conducted in Chicago in 1969, showed that children with a green view of the window are better at school tests. Pediatrician Robert Zarr notes that most of us have a pretty significant nature deficit and would be healthier if we could address that deficit be spending a little more of our time in an outdoor setting.

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     If the body is able to improve its work only from contemplating plants, imagine how much more benefit you can get when you are involved in the care of them! In addition, loving gardening the child will have the right ecological consciousness and promote a careful attitude to the living which is necessary for the planet today.

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