Vertical greening by yourself

Posted on Jan. 25, 2017

Last spring, an online magazine Whole Foods Market asked American gardening portal to create DIY-project (do it yourself - DIY) for their summer release.

That is how this new, wonderful and beautiful idea of vertical gardening appeared.

This construction is very compact, original and raises plants on the level the eyes.

How to do it? Very easy!

Step 1: Gather materials and tools

Materials: 8 pots, 20 cm in diameter;

Tools: 1/4 drill, hacksaw or angle grinder with a cut-off wheel, 9/16 wrench or adjustable wrench, saw, sticky threading lock / insulation tape.

Equipment: 8 to of 75 mm caps for plastic pipes, 2 metric rods in stainless steel with thread in diameter less than 70 mm to 1 m in length and 1 - 90 cm in length, 16 washers in stainless steel to 75 mm in diameter, 16 screws with stainless steel to 75 mm in diameter, 3 bolts of 75 mm in diameter, 3 screws of 75 mm in diameter.


Step 2. Sharpen the rods to the length required.


Step 3. Drill holes in the test plugs.

Disassemble test caps for plastic pipes, leave only the plastic part and drill holes in them of 0.5 cm.




Step 4. To put the pots on the rods.

Fix each pot between washers and bolts at intervals of 35 cm from the bottom. Tighten the screws carefully. You should attach the bolt on each rod using screws.





Step 5. Bring in the plants!

You need to plant grass, plants, vegetables or flowers in decorative pots and hang one rod to the ceiling or any attachment at 35 cm distance from each other.




Step 6. Water.

Pour water on the rod. You should water the plants when the soil is dry.
Good luck!

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