How and where to put flowers in the office?

Posted on Oct. 12, 2020


We all know that plants improve our mood, several times we said about their positive influence on human productivity. Several researchers said that flowers and plants have been shown to increase concentration and memory. Office flowers are a win-win to everyone. 

Displaying beautiful fresh flowers at an office reception is a simple and elegant way to make the area warm, to remove office dryness and rigidity, and makes everyone visiting the office feel welcomed.


Little snippets of style and brightness will benefit every dull office space. Flower arrangements in different areas of the office will improve employees' moods.

Break room
Level of comfort in big offices’ common areas, such as the break room, is getting higher. More companies have caught on the fun things like TVs, snacks, good tea and coffee and various entertainment (game consoles, tennis and pool tables). After all, all these things make work fun, motivate and unite coworkers. 
As a place where teams can take a quick coffee break, have snacks and lunches, and even meet for an informal team meeting, the break room is definitely an important part of the office building. Adding to the overall vibe of the break room, fresh flowers brighten up the space and make it even more welcoming.

Many workplaces, similar to many hotels and restaurants, make use of fresh flower arrangements in the restrooms. 


Conference rooms
Offices’ conference rooms have a bad reputation among employees. They are discussing monthly reports, productivity charts, presenting their ideas and holding meetings with important clients in conference rooms. And doing all of it in a slightly brighter room is more bearable. 

Beautifying work desks with pretty flowers is the best way to cheer yourself up. Even if your desk is cluttered, a small floral arrangement will draw your eyes right to them and will motivate you to clean up.  


Coworking spaces
As more and more workers prefer freelancing, coworking spaces have exploded in popularity.  They have everything you need for a freelance job and enough space to place a flower arrangement.

Executive offices  
Depending on the size of the company, the executive office has different functions. However, it is always associated with serious matters and quite stress inducing. Do not forget about the importance of flowers, any meeting will go smoothly if the place it’s happening in is bright, cheery and welcoming.