А рlace of plants in modern society

Posted on Oct. 26, 2017

life stile

         Healthy lifestyle is an actual topic nowadays. Proper nutrition, gym classes, personal trainer, self-improvement trainings are the components of the life of many people today. This is all useful and necessary for preserving health, achieving success  and inner harmony in a modern society. This list can be continued. However, we want to direct your attention to the benefits of indoor plants. Everybody knows that flowers are beautiful. But did you know that ordinary houseplants can help preserve your beauty, health and youth as long as possible?life stile         It has long been known that many plants have healing properties. Our ancestors intuitively felt the need for nature inside the house and brought to their homes various flowers and herbs. Now it is scientifically proven that many indoor plants can perform the following functions:

• clean and moisten the air (especially during heating seasons, which helps the skin to avoid dehydration);

• absorb toxic substances (for example, after repairs, or those that are released from the gas stove daily);

• destroy various allergens;

• protect against electromagnetic radiation from household and office equipment;

• due to a certain smell and green soothing color, help with nervous system disorders.

        In specialized stores you can get help in choosing the right "flower assistant". Also searching the Internet you can choose the plant yourself. We wish you success and health!

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