Social project “Flowers are the energy of life”

Posted on April 20, 2016

The scale of the environmental threats are almost obvious nowedays. The scientific discoveries of recent decades assure humanity that landscaping is important for the improvement of the environment in a global sense. They lead us to understand the connection between physical and psychological state of the person and the flowers and plants that surround him. These discoveries and generate awareness of useful trends landscaping business and residential areas like big cities and smaller ones.

The aim of our project is to rooting environmental trends among the population of Ukraine. We intend to convey the importance of greening the living environment, starting with own apartment, school and house yards, continuing the city streets and squares, public gardens, botanical gardens and parks, and ending with the scale of the whole country.

Project objectives:
1. To familiarize people with the culture of men's relationship with the world of flowers and plants and to lay the foundation for the formation of this culture in Ukraine.

2. At the national level to popularize effectively the idea of ​​creating and maintaining a natural, comfortable and healthy environment for the human "from the apartment to the country."

3. To prepare for target audience an interesting and useful information about the plant world and the mechanisms of its influence on the physical and emotional state. Produce a genuine interest in flowers and plants, as effective ways to harmonize the living space.

4. Restore the forgotten national traditions of decorating porches flowering plants and trees and promote foreign landscape and floral traditions and concepts that will help not only to harmonize but also to make habitat more esthetic.

5. To involve famous and authoritative people of Ukraine who share the basic ideas of the project, whose opinions are important in the society, into the project in order to popularize flora on the level of the country, cities and towns, offices, schools and our own houses. Also educational activities are one of the goals of such an involvement in order to create and develop the ecological culture and consciousness in Ukraine. 

Presentation of the social project "Flowers are the energy of life" by the influential and respected women of Ukraine who took part in the "Bouquet-portrait" program in 2016.