How to choose flowers for a woman?

Posted on Jan. 23, 2018

як обрати квіти для жінки

In order to please beloved woman with flowers, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or have a deep knowledge of floristics. Here are some tips that will be useful throughout your entire life.

Step 1

Find out what color she likes (check the color of clothes, bags, phone, and so on).

Step 2

Find out if she has allergic reactions to flowers. If so, then to which ones.

Step 3

Try to characterize her (serious, shy, career oriented, romantic ...). These signs will help with the choice of flowers.

Step 4

Identify for yourself what you want to say by presenting a bouquet:

- I want to continue the relationship;

- thank you for the wonderful evening;

- I'm in love with you;

- Happy Birthday;

- I'm sorry that I did / said / forgot ...;

- I just thought of you.

Step 5

Find someone who knows something about bouquets (for example, a florist in a store). When you give the florist the characteristic of your woman based on the above questions, the florist will have a wide field for embodying your gift idea, and the impression from your bouquet will be very enjoyable.

Step 6

Try not to buy ready bouquets in a «cellophane» wrapper, because such a gift will not bring the perception of a «special person for you».

Step 7

Do not be afraid to be original. Remember that roses are not for all women and do not come as a present for every event. Show a bit of attention and love!

Step 8

You need to think about how to give flowers: when you meet, order delivery, or perhaps another interesting option.

Step 9

Put a small postcard with pleasant words in a bouquet. Pprobably it seems like a daunting task: to write something about your own feelings, but you will succeed!

We wish you good luck and more self-confidence! You will gain the heart of your woman with sincerity, originality and attention!


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